This article is about a list of The Daniel Show episodes.

Pilot (2014)Edit

No. Title Written and storyboarded by Original release date Original air date Summary
0 "Pilot" Bert Youn May 16, 2014 November 6, 2014 Daniel Bauernfeind (Sam Lavaigno) gets invited to a kids birthday party.

Season 1 (2015)Edit

No. in season No. in series Title Original air date Written and storyboarded by Story by U.S. viewers (in millions) Summary
1 1 "Our Stuff" 7/27/15 (with Viral Video) Bert Youn Bert Youn
Daniel Chong
1.84 The Bauernfeinds find out that someone stole their stuff and they tell every police station.
2 2 "Viral Video" 7/27/15 (with Our Stuff) Guilliaume James Jamie Perry 1.84 Daniel makes a viral video based on The Breakfast Club and The Karate Kid.
3 3 "Food Truck" 7/28/15 Guillaume James Sam Register 2.05 After thinking that Ramen Tacos are disgusting, The Bauernfeinds start their very own food truck.
4 4 "Bigfoot" 7/29/15 Cake Charles Jamie Perry 2.04 A North American monster named Bigfoot breaks into the Bauernfeinds house.
5 5 "Eli's Date" 7/30/15 Cake Charles Mordecai626 1.88 Eli wants to make Lucy his bride.
6 6 "Everyday Bauernfeinds" 7/31/15 Tom Law SpongeBranded 1.65 Mr. Pillow, Eli and Teensy fight with a vacuum cleaner, there is a mouse in Caren and Tom's room and Daniel and Ayla are stuck in a tree.
7 7 "Burrito" 8/6/15 Madeline Olson Mordecai626 2.65 Eli adopts a large pork wasabi burrito.
8 8 "Primal" 8/13/15 Tom Law Madeline Olson 2.64 The rest of the Bauernfeinds are angry at Daniel for living outside.
9 9 "Jean Jacket" 8/20/15 Tom Law SpongeBranded and Mordecai626 3.45 A lucky jean jacket haunts the Bauernfeinds.
10 10 "Mr. Pillow" 8/27/15 Madeline Olson Tom Law 4.50 Mr. Pillow is looking for love.
11 11 "Shush Ninjas" 9/3/15 Tom Law Jamie Perry 2.45 The Bauernfeinds "ssh" every one in the movie theater.
12 12 "My Clique" 9/10/15 SpongeBranded Mordecai626 1.32 Bigfoot needs to make friends with a Yeti and the Loch Ness Monster.
13 13 "Eli" 9/17/15 Mordecai626 Mordecai626 Alt 6.26 Eli keeps on eating flowers including geraniums.
14 14 "Sun Up" 10/12/15 Tom Law Madeline Olson 2.34 Daniel wants to be on top of the Bauernfeinds hierachy.
15 15 "Occupy Bauernfeinds" 10/13/15 Madeline Olson SpongeBranded and Mordecai626 1.89 In a flashback, the Bauernfeinds get their own house.
16 16 "Daniel's Sneeze" 10/14/15 Tom Law Madeline Olson 1.34 Daniel sneezes and everyone thinks it's cute.
17 17 "The Road" 10/15/15 Tom Law SpongeBranded and Mordecai626 1.44 Birds kick out the Bauernfeinds and they live in the street.
18 18 "Emergency" 10/16/15 SpongeBranded Mordecai626 1.42 Daniel passes out and the Bauernfeinds call an Emergency Station.
19 19 "Tote Life" 11/2/15 Tom Law Madeline Olson 1.43 The Bauernfeinds get tote bags.
20 20 "Eli and the Snake" 11/3/15 SpongeBranded Mordecai626 2.44 Eli makes friends with a snake.
21 21 "Video Date" 11/4/15 Tom Law Jamie Perry 2.34 Daniel chats with a Jersey girl named Courtney.
22 22 "Pet Shop" 11/5/15 Jamie Perry Mordecai626 2.65 In a flashback, Eli and Teensy get adopted. Mr. Pillow makes a non speaking cameo.
23 23 "Bigfoot and Eli Bauernfeind" 11/6/15 SpongeBranded Mordecai626 2.45 Bigfoot is friends with Eli.
24 24 "Cupcake Job" 11/12/15 Tom Law Madeline Olson 2.55 Daniel and the Bauernfeinds celebrate getting a cupcake job.
25 25 "Hibernation" 11/19/15 SpongeBranded Mordecai626 3.66 Half-hour special event: Daniel tries to hibernate through the Winter.

Internet shortsEdit

No. in series Title Written and storyboarded by Original air date Summary
S01 "Bauernfeind Cleaning" Bert Youn July 6, 2015 Daniel vacuums the floor.
S02 "Mr. Pillow and Hamster" Tom Law August 3, 2015 Mr. Pillow fights with a hamster.
S03 "Ayla's Dream" SpongeBranded September 1, 2015 Ayla wants to buy a video game.
S04 "Log Ride" Tom Law November 2, 2015 Bauernfeinds ride the Splash Mountain.
S05 "Goodnight Eli and Teensy" Madeline Olson and Jamie Perry December 1, 2015 Eli and Teensy are trying to sleep.